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George Potter
George Potter's Biography

Archaeologist and author George Potter has lived in Saudi Arabia for the last 19 years. His interest in Book of Mormon archaeology began while he was serving a mission in Bolivia and Peru.

In 1995, Brother Potter, Craig Thorsted from Ogden, and Tom Culler from North Carolina set out to find the real Mt. Sinai. In the process, they discovered a lot more; including the site that most Book of Mormon scholars now believe is the Valley of Lemuel. Since their initial discoveries, brother Potter was traveled over 100,000 miles across Arabia, mostly over sandy Bedouin trails, to document over 200 evidences that the Book of First Nephi is a true history.

Brother Potter has written four books on Arabia, and produced 13 documentary films. He was invited by the Church to make presentations at the LDS Chaplains conference in 2005 and 2007. He has also made presentations for The Neil A. Maxwell Institute (formally FARMS) at BYU, the annual FAIR conference, the Book of Mormon Lands Conference, The Ensign Magazine, BYU Alumni Associations, BYU Management Society Chapters and numerous stakes and institutes. His articles "A New Qualified Candidate for the Valley of Lemuel in Arabia" and "From the Valley of Lemuel to Nephi's Harbor" were published in BYU's Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. His book, Nephi in the Promised Land took him back to the Andes in South America where he claims to have discovered qualified candidates for the City of Nephi, Zarahemla, Bountiful, and the land of the Jaredites in the New World. His newest book, The Voyages of the Book of Mormon describes the ships and voyages of Nephi, the brother of Jared, the Mulekites and Hagoth.

Brother Potter is the co-founder of the Nephi Project research group and has been the editor of it is monthly newsletter for the past eight years. He is married to Susan Jenson Potter from Bear River City, and together they have ten children.

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