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First two days:

In the first week of October I had the opportunity to go to Southeast Asia, to Borneo, Malaysia, to be exact! Another agent from the company and I had the privilege to get to know the beautiful city of Kota Kinabalu and the surrounding area. It was a very educational trip to this part of the world. I learn a lot about the people, the food, the area, the dances, the cultural BBQ, the beautiful sunsets that we were able to experience and take lots of pictures of, and especially the warmth that you feel radiating from the island itself! It was a long flight with a double connection, triple if you count the one from Salt Lake City. We did so many things, including sea walking, where I had the chance to feed a couple of schools of fish. The fish came to my hand and ate from it! Sea walking gives one the opportunity to stay dry from the neck up, mingle with the underwater critters, and get close to the beautiful coral life, all while walking on an underwater platform. All of this can be done in the Borneo Reef World Pontoon.

Third day:

We departed from Kota Kinabalu and headed to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, also known as "The Tip of Borneo." We visited a Rungus Longhouse and experienced the locals' way of life. In the afternoon we headed to the the most northern tip of the island, where we witnessed the picturesque view of the South China Sea meeting the Sulu Sea. We enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets!

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I just returned from a one-week journey on the Fathom "Adonia" cruise which is part of an ongoing cultural exchange program that gives travelers a chance to interact with the Cuban people and experience their history and everyday lifestyle. This opportunity hasn't been open to the U.S. traveler for more than 50 years.

The "Adonia" visits three historic ports: Havana, the country's capital (2-days); the French influenced city of Cienfuegos, and Cuba's second largest city, Santiago de Cuba.

HAVANA, is probably best known for its Spanish influenced architecture of Old Havana, with castles, fortresses, cathedrals, and mansions. You will enjoy lively music, dance, open-air festivals and a "flea market".

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Traveling to Australia has always felt like a very distant and nearly impossible goal of mine. My grandmother was born in Australia and I was fortunate to have a close relationship with her. She surrounded herself with Australia. She painted images of the gum trees. She had a kangaroo skin rug on the floor, a sheepskin rug on the couch. A black emu egg rested next to brilliant white coral on her mantel. A very large seahorse hung on her wall and now hangs on mine in an 8 X 10 frame. A toy koala that sat on her piano was actually a music box playing ‘Waltzing Matilda’. A portrait of her 16 year old self hung in a wooden frame carved in the shape of the Island of Tasmania. Homemade lamingtons were always our Christmas treat; and every night was vegemite on toast for dinner. My visit to Australia felt very familiar.

Southern Crossings, travel specialists for Australia, was the catalyst that made my Australia vacation happen. They provided the opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime; to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Great Barrier Reef, to participate in an outback wilderness experience in the rugged and beautiful Blue Mountains, and to experience the hustle and bustle of downtown Sydney.

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Cancun has become a favorite vacation spot for Utahns – possibly the most popular vacation destination for those seeking a quick getaway to sun, sand, sea, fine food and drink, comfortable accommodations and relaxation.

After spending five days in Cancun in late April visiting 15 different resorts with 21 other travel agents, seeing vacationers at each stop floating in a pool on a lounger or lying on the beach, wading out into the waves, most sipping on a cocktail, it’s no mystery to me why so many choose Cancun as their vacation destination.

I was impressed with one main feeling. Though there are nearly 100 different resorts in the Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya areas that make choosing a destination somewhat confusing, you really cannot go wrong. All have amazing views, outstanding pools, amazing sand, great food, fun and exciting entertainment. You’ll find golf, water activities, excursions, history and an atmosphere that produces exactly what you are after – fun and relaxation. Also, few destinations offer a better atmosphere for romance. It’s easy to understand why so many return to Cancun year after year.

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I Love River Cruising! I recently returned from my 2nd River Cruise in Europe and I’m hooked. My husband and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary aboard UniWorlds ‘Maria Teresa’.

Our adventure began in Antwerp and ended in Amsterdam. Our trip started exactly a week after the terrorist bombing in Brussels. Other than changing our departing flight from Brussels, to Amsterdam, our trip was uninterrupted and felt completely safe. In fact, the only time we saw guards or any indication that an attack had happened a week prior was in the subway stations in Antwerp. Our guide explained that there was actually more security, but they wear plain cloths and are unnoticeable to tourists. We had a great time touring Antwerp. It was mostly about the food for us. We had a day and a half there, and made sure we tasted all the local favorites. We toured the Chocolate factory (of course), ate double fried Frits (which are way better than our American ‘single fried’ fries), couldn’t get enough Belgium waffles from the street vendors (seriously amazing), and although I am not a drinker, many of our ship mates told us the beer was the best.

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