Feeling Like a Princess with Princess Cruises

Feeling Like a Princess with Princess Cruises

Being a mother of 3 in a chaotic household sometimes you just need to get away from the constant meal prep, never ending pile of laundry and the nonstop need of 3 great kids. What better way to get away than 7 days of sailing the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful Ruby Princess. Imagine having your meals prepared for you, laundry service, and some relaxing time reading that book you never seem to get to. My Husband and I decided that was exactly what the both of us needed, dropped the kids with Grandma and flew to LAX to board our ship.

Our trip began as we landed in LAX and the Princess Representatives was there to greet us. As we boarded the bus that would take us to the ship we worried that maybe we were a little young for the cruising demographic. It didn’t take long after we got on the ship to realize we would fit in just fine and there were plenty of people of all ages.

Our first two days at sea were filled with plenty of food and relaxation. It also gave us plenty of time to get familiar with the ship and take advantage of all the activities they have available. After we had taken a tour of the Lotus Spa we decided to do a couples massage on board the ship. This had to be one of the highlights of the trip for me. The spa had plenty of services and was a perfect oasis to get away from the hustle and bustle going on around the rest of the ship.

Now let’s get to the food. It’s no secret that cruise ships boast some of the best and plentiful food options known to man. In this regard, the Ruby Princess did not disappoint. With two buffets, several specialty dining restaurants, a top deck outdoor pizza parlor, ice cream parlor, and burger stand, there were plenty of options to keep us stuffed. All of these were amazing, but our favorite of the ship had to be the Crown Grill. It’s a specialty steak and seafood place on the promenade deck. For a $29/per person cover charge, you could eat as much steak and seafood as your stomach can handle. My filet mignon was the best I’ve ever had. With so many options, we still did not try everything on the ship, even with a week to do it! My recommendation, bring your stretchy pants.

The next couple of days were filled with 3 ports of call and great shore excursions. We had booked our shore excursions before we had left with the Shore Excursion Group, they were great to work with and the shore excursions were priced a little lower than what was offered through Princess. Our first port was Puerto Vallarta we had booked an ATV excursion that took us deep into the mountains. It was very dusty but beautiful scenery. We stopped at a little restaurant and had lunch with the group and also had a Tequila demonstration and tasting. Our next port was Mazatlán where we took a tour of the city, did a little horseback riding and had some time to relax on the beach. Our last stop was Cabo San Lucas (my favorite) where we used glass bottomed and kayaked out to el arco the famous arch and saw the sea lions sunbathing on the rocks. They also gave us some time to snorkel around and see all the colorful fish. We had one more day at sea and then had to face the reality of coming home.

If you are craving a get away from your day to day and need someone to take care of you for a while you will not go wrong with a Princess Cruise.