Caribbean Cruise Tips
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Caribbean Cruise Tips

For some, getting in touch with nature can be a spiritual experience. The beauty and wonders of the world can definitely be therapeutic to all of us.

I have often heard that a cruise is a perfect vacation because you can do as little or as much as you please. We have always tended to be on the busy side. We have gone to trivia games, karaoke, shows and more. Our most recent cruise on the Ruby Princess to the Mexican Riviera was different. We spent a lot of time relaxing. I learned a few tips to make this an enjoyable vacation also.

First, splurge on a balcony cabin. On Princess, the Caribe deck has balconies that are larger with a partial covering. They are especially nice when there is a bit of weather. We had breakfast on the balcony every morning. We sat out as we arrived and left ports. We were able to see the stars at night as well as sunrise and sunset. The balcony provides a unique view to your cruise.

Before when we cruised, we often ate at the buffets. Don’t get me wrong, the buffets are good and provide a variety of food. However on this cruise, we had lunch in the dining room when possible. The pace is slower and allows you to relax and enjoy your food. There is always a pasta dish. I was amazed. I ate a lot of pasta on this cruise and it was always al dente. Quite a feat when they are cooking for so many people. We also ate at the Crown Grill for an extra charge one night. It was worth every penny. From the appetizer to the dessert, the meal was amazing. And speaking of amazing, have the lemon meringue dessert. It was so good, I’m afraid I was a bit noisy.

When you have the urge to enjoy the company of others, there are several great places to sit. There are couches and chairs in front of the Explorer Lounge. Another great place are the comfortable chairs outside on the Promenade deck. Either place allows you to visit as people walk by. That is one of the great things about cruises. People are a little more relaxed. They will stop and chat as they walk by. To me, it is often a view of the world that I do not see anywhere else.

So, when you think of a cruise, remember, there is more than one way to enjoy your time.

Carole Fisher
Morris Murdock Travel
A/R Clerk/ARC Specialist