Travel Mishaps Occur Every Day

We understand that your trip or vacation can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can't do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport or an accident at home or away from interrupting your trip, you can do something to help cover your travel investment in case of bad luck and help ease your worries; you can buy a travel insurance plan.

As the day of your departure approaches, we want to help you be prepared for unexpected travel problems you may encounter on the way so you can make the most of your trip. Flight delays, cancellations or an unexpected illness or injury can give travelers more vacation memories than they bargained for. When it comes to common travel problems before, during and after your trip, a travel insurance plan can help.

Travel Guard plans offer insurance designed just for travelers. They can provide coverage for many of the things that can go wrong before and during your trip.

In addition, many of the travel insurance plans through Travel Guard include 24-hour emergency assistance services at no additional cost to help with the unexpected such as:

Medical Family member gets sick.
Assistance Weather prevents your travel.
Cancellation Your trip is delayed.
Assistance You need last minute travel arrangements.
Baggage Coverage Your baggage is lost.
Assistance Your passport is lost or stolen.

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This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available. The Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions. Insurance underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania insurance company, with its principal place of business at 175 Water Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10038. It is currently authorized to transact business in all states and the District of Columbia. NAIC No. 19445. Coverage may not be available in all states.

Travel assistance services provided by Travel Guard.

Please read carefully!
We believe that your upcoming trip is a significant investment which you should cover. For this reason, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance. We recommend TRAVEL GUARD®'s comprehensive travel insurance plans. If you choose to decline this valuable coverage, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your travel arrangements. If you would like to decline to purchase travel insurance please email