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IMPORTANT – Travel, Testing and Health Requirement information is provided by your Travel Advisor as guidance only and can change without notice. Always reconfirm information by checking government & airline websites before booking and traveling.

As of Tuesday, January 4, 2022


The President restricted non-citizen travel from or through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi. This applies to foreigners only not U.S citizens and is effective today. This could possibly change in the future to include U.S. citizens but there is no decision on that yet.

Effective January 8th To enter restaurants and bars on Maui you must have a booster vaccination if it has been more than 6 months from your last dose of Moderna or Pfizer, for Johnson and Johnson 2 months. You can still dine outside and attend outside activities without the booster. You can also get tested which is valid for 48 hours and dine inside.

Effective November 8th all Un-Vaccinated U.S. citizens returning to the U.S. from a foreign country must have a negative test within one day of their flight! Vaccinated can still be tested within 3 days of their return flight.

When you are returning to the U.S. you must have a negative test that was taken within one calendar day of your flight home. When departing the U.S. you need to go by the guidelines of the country you are going to as far as testing requirements.

Utah now has two locations open for Travel testing, one in SLC and one in St George.

More information is available on the website:

1. SLC: 288 North 1460 West in the South parking lot

2. SGU: Dixie Tech (old airport parking lot)

This site offers a dedicated lane for travelers who need testing prior to leaving Utah. Not all travel destinations will accept the types of tests offered at this testing location. Some travel destinations may also require testing to be done at specific testing locations and/or include QR codes linked to results and CLIA information. At this time, this site’s testing does not include QR codes or CLIA information. It is the traveler’s responsibility to know which type of test is required for their destination. For information on travel requirements by destination visit the CDC website at Tests offered include PCR, Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 Rapid Molecular test (this is a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test–NAAT, sometimes known as a rapid PCR), RT-PCR, and rapid antigen. PCR results are usually available within 24-48 hours; rapid PCR and rapid antigen results are usually available within 15-60 minutes.

Before Traveling to the United States, Testing – ALL Travelers:


Before boarding a flight to the United States, you are required to show one of the following:

  • If you are fully vaccinated: Proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 3 days before travel.
  • If you are NOT fully vaccinated: A negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 1 day before travel.

Children under 2 years old do not need to test. There are also accommodations for people who have documented recovery from COVID-19 in the past 90 days. Learn more about these requirements on the CDC web site:

Hawaii: Starting Monday, the quarantine period for guests who don’t have a pre-travel test result or aren’t fully vaccinated will go from 10 days to 5 days with the day of arrival counting as the first day in that period. That period is only for domestic travel from the U.S. and its territories as international travelers will continue to have to abide by guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those who are fully vaccinated or test negative prior to arrival will not have to isolate at all.

At the same time, the Safe Travels questionnaire, which was required to be filled out 24 hours before arrival and gave travelers a QR code to be used when they arrive, will no longer be required. Vaccinated travelers will still have to fill out some information, again through Hawaii’s Safe Travels program, but will not have to do it 24 hours before arrival. Instead, travelers will be able to submit their info at any time, including vaccination status. Doing that will then give them a QR code to use upon arrival, sent via email about a day before their travel.

For all of Europe, if the traveler is crossing land borders you must check both countries to see if it is allowed, many land borders are closed to foreigners.

Fiji now requires a PCR test to be taken within 2 calendar days before departure, will also be required to take an Antigen test after arrival in Fiji.

Tahiti/French Polynesia: Negative PCR or Antigen test within 24 hours of boarding, if Antigen test you must test upon arrival at your expense. Must complete ETIS application within 30 days of departure to receive an Authorization to travel. There are also rumors that boosters will be required, make sure you check the very latest requirements when sending clients to Tahiti.

Netherlands: Fully vaccinated, PCR Test within 48 hours of departure or Antigen within 24 hours, mandatory 10 day quarantine, can take a test on day 5 and end quarantine with a negative result. Connections thru AMS should still be OK if connecting within 12 hours, check with the airline.

Puerto Rico: Must be fully vaccinated, must have a negative test within 48 hours of arrival, must complete a Travel Declaration Form. Unvaccinated are required to quarantine for 7 days! Some cruises are cancelling departures/stops in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico: Must be fully vaccinated, must have a negative test within 48 hours of arrival, must complete a Travel Declaration Form. Unvaccinated are required to quarantine for 7 days!

Brazil: Full Vaccinated, negative test within 72 hours before boarding.

Netherlands: Full Vaccinated, PCR test within 48 hours before departure, Antigen test within 24 hours. Connection only requirements may be different, make sure to double check.

Bonaire: Fully vaccinated, negative PCR test within 48 hours before departure, must complete a Health Declaration Form, must do PCR test at day 5, at your own expense.

UK: Must be fully vaccinated, must test negative 48 hours before departure, must complete Passenger Locator Form within 48 hours of your trip. Must book and pay for a PCR test to be taken when arrive, must self quarantine in hotel until you get the results of the test.

France/French Polynesia: Fully vaccinated, must present a negative test within 48 hours of departure.

Switzerland: Fully vaccinated, negative test, must complete entry form, must test between day 4 and 7 after arrival and report test results to the government within two days of the test.

Israel: Is currently closed but expected to open again on December 13th.

Ecuador/Galapagos: Fully vaccinated, negative test within 3 days.

Italy: Must be fully vaccinated, negative test within 72 hours of arrival, complete Passenger Locator Form, Complete Self Declaration Form.

Austria: Is currently closed to tourists.

Germany is still open however many Christmas Markets are closed.

Fiji will open December 1st must be Fully Vaccinated, PCR test within 72 hours prior to flight, must stay at a Care Fiji Committed Resort for at least the first 3 days, must test within 48 hours after arrival. Must have travel insurance that covers Covid related expenses.

New Zealand is anticipating opening for fully vaccinated on April 30th. No anticipated date for Australia but they say they are getting closer to deciding on a date—sometime in 2022.

India is open to fully vaccinated, must complete online health form Air Suvidha within 72 hours of departure, negative test within 72 hours of departure, must self-monitor for 14 days after arrival, if show symptoms must notify the hospital. A tourist visa is required for India.

Costa Rica, Reminder that as of January 8th must be fully vaccinated and must show vaccine card to enter restaurants, etc.

Hawaii: The governor and Honolulu’s Mayor are lifting the capacity restrictions for groups and social distancing to attract and retain group bookings coming to Hawaii effective December 1st. Hawaii reminder: Fully vaccinated do not need a test to go to Hawaii, non-vaccinated must have a negative PCR test from an approved Hawaii Travel Partners testing location---it has to be an approved location or it won’t work!!! Also many places (restaurants, hotels, activities, etc) will not let you in unless you are fully vaccinated.

The Cayman Islands are now open to fully vaccinated, children must also be vaccinated or they will have to quarantine for 14 days!! Must apply to the Travel Cayman Portal for a Certificate to Travel/Travel Declaration. PCR test within 72 hours prior to departure, after arrival take a rapid antigen test on days 2, 5, and 10 of their stay.

Argentina is open for Fully Vaccinated, PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure, must submit an Electronic Sworn statement within 48 hours before flight, medical insurance covering hospitalization and covid.

Hawaii reminder: Fully vaccinated do not need a test to go to Hawaii, non-vaccinated must have a negative PCR test from an approved Hawaii Travel Partners testing location---it has to be an approved location or it won’t work!!! Also many places (restaurants, hotels, activities, etc) will not let you in unless you are fully vaccinated.

Chile is open for Fully Vaccinated travelers, PCR test within 72 hours prior to flight, must complete Mobility Pass (may take 2-3 weeks for result) before traveling, must complete Affidavit of Travelers electronic form less than 48 hours before flight, proof of health insurance minimum of $30,000 coverage, must take a test upon arrival and must quarantine at hotel until test result is received.

Passports Warning: There are 2.2 million passport applications right now! Estimated wait times are 12 to 18 weeks. Be sure to check your passport's expiration dates and renew as soon as possible!

Most Cruise Ships departing the United States now require testing within 2 days of departure---make sure to verify with the cruise line.

Disney Cruise Lines will require kids 5 and older to be vaccinated effective January 13th. Always check each cruise line for their requirements on vaccinations!

Universal Studios in California will require a vaccination card or proof of negative testing within 72 hours of their visit, starting October 7th for guests 12 and over. Does not apply to Florida park.

Chile will open on October 1st. Must be fully vaccinated, must complete the “Affidavit of Travelers” electronic form less than 48 hours before boarding, must have a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to boarding their international flight and health insurance covering at least $30,000 Covid coverage during the stay.

You can view the US State Department's updated list for COVID-related travel requirements by clicking here

France: Now must be fully vaccinated, plus provide attestation that you are free from Covid. Non-vaccinated are not allowed for non-essential travel (no tourists).

Switzerland: Must be fully vaccinated, must complete a Travel Entry form. To enter indoor locations (restaurants, events, museums, etc.) you must test every 3 days.

Spain is open and now requires that you are fully vaccinated or you must provide a negative test. All travelers must complete the Sanitary Control Form.

Peru: Fully vaccinated travelers no longer need to provide a negative test. Tourist numbers to Machu Picchu are reduced, must get your tickets within a tour or if buying individual tickets you will need to buy them about 2 months ahead of time. Machu Picchu now has 4 different routes through the ruins and you are only allowed to go on one route per day—you won’t see it all in one route. Advise visiting at least 2 days so you can do two of the routes.

The Bahamas is requiring that all cruise passengers 12 and older and crews be fully vaccinated before visiting the Bahamas. All cruise lines must go by this mandate. This includes cruises going to the cruise line’s private islands.

Austria and Croatia now have expiration dates for fully vaccinated travelers. Vaccinations expire in Austria 270 days after the last dose, Croatia 210 days. This means that travelers that are fully vaccinated now will not be able to travel next summer without a booster type vaccination. Travelers to Austria must be vaccinated or have a booster within 270 days of your return travel. Also many restaurants, hotels and sites require you to be vaccinated.

Singapore is open to Fully Vaccinated, must have a Visa, must be approved by the government to travel, must fly on an approved flight, test within 48 hours of departure and must test upon arrival and must self-isolate until the results are received.

England is now open, you must be fully vaccinated, have a negative on a test within 72 hours of flying, and you must complete the Public Locator Form plus you must be tested 2 days after your arrival in England.

Tahiti is requiring fully vaccinated plus you must have a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure.

Disneyland and California Adventure are now open to out of state visitors: you must have a park ticket and a reservation to get into the parks. One park per day only. Some attractions could be closed.

Italy: Must be fully vaccinated. Plus must have negative test within 72 hours of arrival and must complete the Digital Passenger Locator Form. Unvaccinated must also quarantine for 5 days and then test negative.

European travelers must bring their Vaccination Cards with them, some countries are not allowing people in restaurants, hotels, museums, etc. without the Vaccination Card!

Some tour companies are requiring that all passengers traveling from September 1 to December 31 must be fully vaccinated: Trafalgar, Brendan, Insight, Contiki, Globus (through March 2022), Cost Saver.

Las Vegas is open and functioning well! Masks are not required as a general rule for travelers however some businesses may require them. All business/hotel workers are required to wear masks.

Puerto Rico is open to fully vaccinated and you must show your vaccination card to the hotels and restaurants (August 23rd). If you are not fully vaccinated you will have to test within 72 hours of arrival. All must complete the Travel Safe document. If you are not vaccinated you must show your negative test to the restaurants and hotels.

Turks and Caicos is open to Vaccinated travelers, negative test within 3 days of arrival, must complete the TCI Assured Travel Authorization, must have insurance that would cover Covid 19 medical costs.

Finland is open for fully vaccinated travelers only.

River Cruises have started up on the Danube and the Rhine River and will continue through the Christmas Market season. France and Spain River cruises are also open.

Popular destinations with no restrictions or few restrictions: Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Hawaii (for vaccinated). Maui has joined Oahu in requiring a vaccination certificate to enter restaurants and bars.

Alaska and Caribbean Cruises have started up.

Mexican Riviera Cruises: Carnival starts 7 Day cruises on August 21st, 4 day cruises on September 27, Princess starts 5 day on September 25 and 7 day on October 16th. NCL is scheduled to start October 24th.

Germany is now open for fully vaccinated and you must complete their digital registration.

Denmark is now open to fully vaccinated, unvaccinated must test upon arrival.

Morocco is suspending all incoming international flights for two weeks.

Portugal is now open for negative test within 72 hours but the rule is evaluated every two weeks and can change.

Italy has removed the requirement that you must be on a “Vaccinated Flight”. Must be fully vaccinated or negative test within 48 hours. Still must wear a mask at all times---even outdoors.

Galapagos Islands are open to fully vaccinated.

Thailand is opening up November 1st. Fully Vaccinated, PCR test 72 hours before traveling, PCR test upon arrival, must stay in an approved hotel 1 night until results are received. Must have medical insurance minimum of $50,000

The Netherlands: The Netherlands will reverse its requirement to quarantine for Fully Vaccinated travelers effective September 22nd. Only Fully Vaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter The Netherland and a negative test is also required. Must complete the Health Declaration Form and the Quarantine Declaration Form. For connecting passengers you must complete both forms, stay in the connections zone and must not be there for more than 48 hours.  Exception:  River Cruises: The river cruise companies are working with the Netherlands government to allow guests to transit from the airport to the ship within 12 hours—they will provide a “Support Letter” to the traveler. When completing the Quarantine Declaration Form you need to tick the box marked “I fall into one of the exemption categories, then: Staying in The Netherlands for a short period of time.” River cruise companies should be contacting your passengers that are traveling in September to keep them informed. Contact your river cruise company for the latest information. All pre-cruise packages are cancelled in The Netherlands and the ship’s itineraries will be slightly altered. If you booked a separate Pre-Cruise stay in The Netherlands you need to cancel that and arrive in Amsterdam the same day the ship sails.

France will open to U.S. citizens on June 9th, you must be fully vaccinated and you must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours. If you are not vaccinated you will have to quarantine!

Spain is open to U.S. citizens that are fully vaccinated, if you are not vaccinated you must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours.

The UK remains closed to U.S. citizens until further notice

Ireland is open but only for Fully Vaccinated. You must also complete the Locator Form before departure. Non-vaccinated must test negative and quarantine up to 14 days.

Greece is open to fully vaccinated or must have a negative test within 72 hours of entry into Greece. Everyone must complete the online Passenger Locator Form before entering Greece.

Jordan is open to U.S. citizens, must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours. Must take an arrival test that must be paid for online before departure--this may change for vaccinated travelers.

Ecuador/Galapagos Islands are open to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens, non-vaccinated must have negative test. If going to the Galapagos you must have a negative test within 96 hours even if vaccinated.

American Queen started sailing on March 14, 2021 and also requires full vaccinations.

New: New York state will remove its quarantine restriction on April 1, 2021. Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont will allow people that have been fully vaccinated (2 weeks after last shot) to visit without quarantine.

Many countries around the world (NOT EUROPE) are opening up to people that are fully vaccinated (two weeks after their last shot), make sure to go online and check the individual country.

New CDC requirement that all travelers flying into the U.S. January 26th or later must have a negative Covid 19 Test within 72 hours of their flight to the U.S.

Hawaii: For the latest information see:

NOTE: All visitors to Kauai have to quarantine for 10 days, unless they provide a negative approved test and then quarantine in Kauai for 3 days at a Bubble hotel, then take a 2nd test. When results are received, negative testing travelers will be free to visit the island. You can’t opt out by testing! Maui has joined Oahu in requiring a vaccination certificate to enter restaurants and bars.

The Hawaii pre-travel testing program for COVID-19 started Oct. 15, 2020. Pre-travel testing enables travelers to avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine if they are tested within 72 hours before their flight to Hawaii departs with an FDA-approved nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) and can show proof of a negative test result. The State of Hawaii will ONLY accept test results from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS. Please see list at Travelers also will have their temperatures checked upon arrival and must fill out the Safe Travels travel and health form. You must receive a negative test before boarding your flight to Hawaii. If you do not, you will be in quarantine for 14 days—no exceptions! Upon arrival in Hawaii, passengers unable to provide proof of an approved negative test will be required to go into quarantine for 14 days or until they can provide proof of negative test results. For more information and an FAQ please visit

You must receive a negative test before boarding your flight to Hawaii. If you do not, you will be in quarantine for 10 days—no exceptions.

Hawaii allows Walgreen’s and to test, but only at specific locations:

Walgreen’s has only three locations in Utah and one in Montana that will do the RT-PCR testing that is the same as the NAAT Test that Hawaii requires. 

  1. Walgreen’s: 2576 South Main Street, Woods Cross, 801-335-3610.
  2. Walgreen’s: 763 North State, Orem, 801-734-1624
  3. Walgreen's: 3250 South 700 East, SLC, 
  4. Walgreen’s: 1150 11th Avenue, Helena, Montana
  5. Walgreen’s: 391 St George Blvd, St George
  6. Walgreen’s: 1235 West State Street, Hurricane, UT
  7. Walgreen’s: 329 North Sandhill, Mesquite, NV
  8. Walgreen's 1330 Grand Ave., Billings, MT is now approved for the Hawaii restrictions/test. $139.00. The steps are as follows:

  1. Order your test 1-2 weeks before you need to test at, you must test within 72 hours of your trip.
  2. Schedule a video observation call (information will be in the kit you receive).
  3. Take the test while being observed by video.
  4. Ship sample to lab.
  5. You will have results in 12 to 24 hours

Appointment required!!! At Walgreen’s, appointments can be made online at: Enter your zip code and look for your location. All drive-thru testing locations operate outdoors and patients do not leave their vehicles.

For Southern Utah, CVS in Las Vegas will do the testing, $139 cost, insurance may or may not pay for it. Please not, CVS will not guarantee to get the results in time to go to Hawaii.

New Requirement: You must receive a negative test before boarding your flight to Hawaii. If you do not, you will be in quarantine for 14 days—no exceptions!

Inter-Island travel will require a 14 day quarantine, except if you are going to Oahu from the other islands. If your client wants to go to two islands (one of which has to be Oahu), start at the other island first and then fly into Oahu for the last part of the trip. Transiting Oahu on the way from Mainland to others Hawaiian Islands is acceptable.

The island of Hawaii is currently going to do arrival testing in addition to the pre-trip testing, so everyone will be tested upon arrival on the Big Island.

Once the test results are received, the traveler needs to upload negative test results to the Safe Travels website 24-hours before departure to get their QR code. Each traveler must have a valid email and must have a QR code to expedite the verification process when they arrive in Hawaii.

+++Many states are now restricting travel or at least restrictions on eating out, sites, etc. Make sure to look up each state before you book !

Delta Airlines has an interactive Covid-19 Map for their destinations showing whether or not countries are open and the restrictions to enter. . Under the map you will enter the citizenship of the traveler (United States) and then as the destination you put the country name. (Not the city code)

UPDATED: New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut Restrictions: Must have negative PCR test within 72 hours, remain in quarantine for 72 hours after arrival, must take test after the 72 hours and if results are negative you can leave quarantine.

Washington DC:Washington DC: Must have negative PCR test within 72 hours or must quarantine if coming from a high risk state (42 states)—Utah and Montana are currently high risk! If staying longer that 3 days must test again.

California: The Lake Tahoe area is closed to visitors for three weeks

Other Destinations Open to US Travelers without Quarantine

Most destinations require a negative Covid-19 Test performed by a CLIA Certified Lab, most do not accept At Home Tests. Some destinations require a pre-registration or a medical evaluation. Make sure to double check all of the details with that country’s website.

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When you are looking for that “Somewhere Warm” destination, perhaps your thoughts are of diving and snorkeling in the turquoise, clear waters of the Caribbean, or exploring the jungles and culture of Mexico, or relaxing on the beautiful sand beaches under swaying palms in Hawaii, but what if you could visit one destination that envelops you with all of this and so much more. Welcome to French Polynesia!

Situated halfway between California and Australia, the 118 islands of French Polynesia are clustered in five archipelagos: the Austral Islands, the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands, the Tuamotu Islands, and the most populous and popular, Society Islands. My visit included five of the nine islands that make up the Society Islands and each island offered its own share of lush beauty and tropical adventure, mingled with Polynesian and French culture.

With late night departures from Los Angeles, the eight-hour nonstop flight gives you an early morning arrival at the Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti, where you can immediately start exploring. The city of Papeete is bustling with shops, restaurants, and a large market place. Outside the city, the island offers hiking trails to waterfalls and hidden pools. Whether a novice hiker or an expert, local hiking guides are highly recommended as the terrain can be tricky even on well-marked paths. And what better way to have a true “off-the-beaten-track” experience than with someone who knows the best trails and best view points? There are also lava tube trails, the Arahoho blow hole and lighthouse, museums, and even a golf course.

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In the near future the incredible Hawaiian Islands will open again to visitors from around the world. There may be some restrictions but in my opinion the restrictions will be worth it to experience Hawaii again. My family was actually on the Big Island of Hawaii in March when everything was shut down. We had to come home four days early and I can’t wait to go back to finish my vacation.

The first time that I went to Hawaii was over 35 years ago and I instantly fell in love with this beautiful and exciting destination. I have since returned many times to Hawaii and each time was a wonderful experience. I often find myself daydreaming about my next trip there. Which island will I go to? Which incredible resort will I stay at? How many strikingly colorful fish will I see as I snorkel? There I go off daydreaming again! I love Hawaii and all it has to offer.

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